If there was another spin-off which character would you like to see star in it? (x)


Interviewer: You can absolutely hear all of Tumblr starting to ship you with their inserts for a lesbian love affair in college Nina: Yeah. I wonder who’s… they’ll probably wanna know who got cast. Interviewer: Maybe they’ll cast for you. A dream casting. Nina: She may have already been cast.

Nina Dobrev playing “Two Lies and a Truth” about season 6.

We’re like the factionless now, we’ve left everything behind. But we found ourselves, and each other. Tomorrow we may have to fight again, but for now we’ll ride the train to the end of the line.

                   and then… we’ll jump.


"Told you. Endings are the best part."
"You’re such a weirdo."

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katherine pierce; "How do you think I survived 500 years? It wasn’t because I was a vampire, it’s because I never looked back. Don’t be dumb. Survive."


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Make me choose - little-miss-rebecca asked: Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?

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